Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, esecond son of Ricardo Martinelli, President of Panama (2009-2014) and Marta Linares.

University Studies.

He began his studies in 2009 at Southern Methodist University of Dallas, Texas, United States where he graduated in Business and Administration in 2014. Martinelli makes his strategic vision and leadership skills evident at BAC Bank, Panama where he completes his internship, focusing on reaching the company’s goals. There, he is acknowledged as one of the youngest analysts to complete this training. He made reports on credit situation analysis for more than 50 retail companies and managed the company’s bad debts, regularly examining financial results.

Luis Enrique Martinelli, leading Super99.

Luis Enrique Martinelli, has been leading as executive director in the Martinelli Group from 2006 until now, mainly focusing his work in strategy and business development in Ricamar S.A, popularly known as Super 99, one of the most recognized food retail chains in Panama by contributing with its knowledge in the strategic commercial and financial division and deciding new investment activities and internal projects to bring sustained growth to the company. He has not only played a part in the food industry, but also has made replacements on the board of Top Media Group, one of the most recognized publicity and advertising companies in the Panamanian community.

Among Luis Enrique Martinelli personal interests are sports such as fishing, tennis and jogging. He is a universal history enthusiast, since he is passionate about traveling which has taken him throughout the 5 continents.